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Khushi Beauty Parlor was established in 2011, and since then it had been offering beauty services unique to any beauty salon in Jabalpur. It has maintained a reputation in full force with mastery in making women look beautiful for every occasion, with its well experienced staff, secure homely environment, well equipped facilities and friendly services of the beauticians. It is the brainchild of M/s Khushi and making her presence felt with her valuable customers associated from a long time. The Services of Khushi beauty parlor are well suited to the needs of its Target customers, and are perfect solution for all the women whether they are House Makers, Working women, Newly Married Brides, Students, Hostel girls etc. At Khushi you can find ‘Liberty of Timing’ for booking appointments as it is a salon operated from Home, you can find the secure homely convenience here too. With its wide range of Beauty services, friendly handling of experts, high attention to hygiene and cleanliness and utmost importance to your beautiful looks and grooming your visit will be a delight.

Packages & Offers


  •   Waxing
  •   Makeup/Bleach/Facial
  •   Hair treatment

Hair Treatment/Hair Cut

  •   Threading
  •   Waxing
  •   Haircut/Hair Treatment

Facial/Other offers

  •   Personal Care
  •   Saree Draping/Hairstyle
  •   Facial

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partyRs 1500
hair treatmentRs 3000
facialRs 1200
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Something more?

partyRs 1300
Hair Treatment/Hair CutRs 1500
Facial/Other offersRs 1200
SubtotalRs 0.00

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If you don't receive any news from us or you need to change your reservation please call the 07604043186 or send an e-mail to 07604043186

Working Hours

  • Monday10:00 - 07:00
  • Tuesday10:00 - 07:00
  • wednesday10:00 - 07:00
  • Thursday10:00 - 07:00
  • Friday10:00 - 07:00
  • Saturday10:00 - 07:00
  • Sunday10:00 - 07:00



Khushi Beauty Parlour,
1404, Jai Nagar,